Blue Flower

The UAE pavilion created a huge buzz as soon as it opened. Luckily, Inigo Bujedo Aguirre, renowned and internationally published photographer who is represented in the Middle East by ASTUDIO, a digital marketing agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, was there not only to witness this honourable event, but to also document it through his amazing photos.

The 3-storey pavilion was designed by Foster + Partners, the same architects who developed the 80-storey Index Tower in Dubai Financial Centre and designed the second phase of Dubai Design District, the “hipster district,” to name some of its biggest Dubai architectural developments. In Abu Dhabi, one of its major projects was The Souk, a shopping centre with high-end boutiques in a traditional Arabian-style design located In The World Trade Center Abu Dhabi.

The UAE pavilion’s main theme was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and it was home of symbolical pieces, structure, and amphitheater. The curvilinear walls are 12-meter in height resembling the sand dunes that the region is well known for. The said walls houses an amphitheater that shows a short film entitled “Family Tree.” It is about a young girl’s journey towards finding the importance of conserving the world for a sustainable tomorrow.

It also had a secluded custom oasis within shaded palm trees that are also scattered around the pavilion demonstrating its importance to the survival in the UAE back in the day.

In 2013 Dubai won the bid as the host of Expo 2020, one of the world’s most celebrated expos where the future of humanity is exhibited. With years of preparation for the Expo 2020, we can expect to look forward to a well-planned structure with participating countries showcasing their visions for a sustainable future whilst imparting history. ASTUDIO, Dubai video production agency, is looking forward to this beautiful mark of history.